Parents Of Suicide
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Barbara Garland
Lebanon, Indiana
Mother of

I live in Lebanon, Indiana. I have four sons, Robert Neal, Michael Bryan, James Christopher, and my angel, Jason Roger-forever 22. I also have four grandsons and one grandaughter. My hobby is genealogy and have traced my family back to Ireland, England, and the Cherokees.

Karolyn Soice
Lebanon, Indiana
Mother of
Andy Stein (22)

Mike and I have been married almost 12 year. I have two boys Angel Andy and Matthew age 17 who lives nearby with his father. Michaels son Ryan age 19 lives in Michigan with his mother. We also have Mindy our special kitty and 2 fish. My hobbies are clog dancing, sewing, cooking, baking and gardening

Linda Sabado
Tacoma, Washington
Mother of
Victrina Balinda Sabado (28)

I am 49 years old. I have been an ICU nurse for 20 years. I have 3 living children: Christina (30) who is a court stenographer, Ricky (28) who is a laborer, and Michael (17) who just started college and wants to be a cardiac surgeon. I have a grandson Toni who just turned 10 who looks so much like his dad it takes me back so many years. My "Wild Child", Victrina (Vici), will always be 28. I would give everything I own to have her back again. I enjoy reading, music, movies,driving, and gardening. Vegas is my favorite playground.

Debra Hirschmann
Elberon, New Jersey
Mother of
Bobby (21)

I am married and have 5 children and 2 grandchildren, My husband's name is Jeff, My oldest is Melissa,then my precious angel Bobby,my son Tony, and my 2 younger daughters Katie and Deanna. This is the last picture taken of Bobby at my son tony's 8th grade graduation. I am the female in the picture.

Cyndy Hund
AOL IM- Chund14968
Mother of

The picture was taken in July of 98 and we lost Michael November of 98. Michael is the one next to me, on the right as you are looking at the picture. Starting from the left is -- Maegan, Matthew, Mike (the dad), Cyndy (the mom) and Michael.

Dick & Virginia(aka Ginny) Nolan
Brooklyn, New York
AOL IM- gingin206
Father & Mother of
John Michael (18)

This picture was taken on my birthday last January. It is the last picture of our family taken together. (With the exception of our son, Marc, who is in the Navy in San Diego.) From left to right are my daughter-in-law, Nancy,my son John, my son, Thomas and my husband, Dick. In front row is my son Brian, who is married to Nancy and me. It is so hard to believe that two and a half months later John would end his life.

Elaine Davison
Rose City, Michigan
ICQ# 25835130
Mother of
Mark Baker (17)

My name is Elaine Davison. I live in a small town called Rose City in Michigan. I work at a company called Cold Saws in Rose City doing various tasks in the office. I guess I'm alot of everything when it comes to office work. I have been married for almost 14 yrs to my husband Bob. We have 8 children between us (names from oldest to youngest... Bobby (27), Brian, (25) Becky (20), Mark (forever 17), Shawn (18), Tricia (17), Brandon (16), and Scott (13) whew!), and also 8 Grand-children. Our son Mark decided to take his life on Jan, 5th 1998, he was 17. The name of the little guy I'm holding in this picture is Markenstien. Mark won him at the Ogemaw fair, and brought him home to me, and named him "Markenstien". He is very special to me. Markenstien and I have aged a bit since this picture. LOL This is me...

Mandy Tanses
Highland, Indiana
AOL IM- Mtanses
Mother of
Geoffrey Patrick Tanses (20)

My husband Geoff and I have been married 25 years. We have two children, Sarah 24 and Geoffrey 20 forever. In the picture from left to right:
Sarah A. Tanses
Sarah's friend Lori
My husband Geoff ("Spook")
Me - Mandy

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